TOKYO — Rakuten Group company Viber Media S.a.r.l has announced a major update of its Viber mobile messaging app, adding new chat extensions and video message functions.

Chat extensions make it possible to search for content such as videos, images and articles easily on the chat screen in the Viber app, and share the content or links on the chat screen, as they are. Through chat extensions, it is possible to search for content on Wikipedia, Giphy and The movie DB, which are integrated with this function. For example, a user wanting to know and share the meaning of a word during a chat enters an @ mark in the message space or clicks on the @ mark icon, and selects Wikipedia, a searchable website. The user enters the word that he or she wants to look up after @Wikipedia, and the search result displays the relevant Wikipedia website link. The user can then send this link on the chat screen. There are plans to increase the number of services available with chat extensions, in addition to adding Japanese websites in the future.